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SMTP Servers
SMTP Mail Server

SMTP Mail Server

We have mail servers for different business needs. Our powerful mail server is built on high quality hardware and huge trust from customers such as you.


Our aim is to provide mail servers to our customers that not only scale but are also affordable and give maximum bang for your bucks.


Why would you like to have a private mail server?

  1. Because you've a huge mailing list of your subscribers
  2. Because you don't like T&C of various email marketing services providers
  3. Because you want to reach out to your customers on your own terms
  4. Because you want no restriction on the mailing speed
  5. And probably because you saw your neighbor using one to spam you with his promotional mails (and you probably want to retaliate)

Whichever the case, having your own server gives you full control over your marketing efforts.

Range of Business Promotional Services

SMTP Servers

Our servers are made of top notch hardware to ensure that your business is where the money lies.


We provide mail servers that meet needs of different budget and business types. Each server comes with a dedicated IP. We also provide add-on IPs if needed.

Email Marketing Services

You can count on our email marketing services. We provide complete analytical tools for your campaign.


You can build custom email campaigns that looks as beautiful as any other email service providers in the market.


We practice white hat SEO techniques to rank your business high in Google. We believe that content is the King and optimize your website accordingly. Our Offsite strategy is in accordance with Google guidelines.


We ensure that your website is not penalized for wrong SEO practices and hence we have some quality backlink building strategy. You'll see the results from the 2nd month of our SEO.

Custom Website Design

Website design and SEO should go side by side for the best results. We design your website and do the onsite SEO simultaneuosly to make sure your website is SEO ready.


We design website for different business and budgets. All designs have one thing in common, it's fueled by your passion. We bring brand value in the design.